Marathon Week #3 & Week Re-cap

Well…this week has felt like a doozy. It’s Sunday and I’m sitting on the couch while dinner cooks.

First of all! Marathon training. We are into week 3 and this week’s millage was 12 miles. It’s always funny to me, but 12 miles doesn’t seem that long to me when you are thinking about the 26.2 we will have to do in October. When I’m training for a half though, 12 feels long. It’s a whole mental deal. Anywho, this week, training was done separate. Why? Tink was out of town for a wedding. Her and her husband were leaving early Friday morning. Sooo we had to figure out another way. She tried to get me to do the training Thursday, but Thursdays my leg strength day with my trainer. Plus I work until 5. Noooo way jose. Not gonna happen. I’m exhausted when I get off of work. So Tink had to find another way.

Chicken Fried Rice

For those who know me, they know I haven’t done a lot of cooking. I lived with my family until I moved out with my boyfriend. Mom spoiled us rotten. Once I moved out, my boyfriend did the cooking. I do the dishes. I’m an excellent at doing dishes. Well that’s starting the change. Welllll…I still do the dishes, but now, I get to start cooking. Why? Because of my boyfriend’s job schedule. He works the night shifts so I’m left with either attempting to cook or ordering takeout. I’m kind of a health nut so I’d rather not do the later….often.