PHPWord – Round 2

This is a follow up to PHPWord I wrote a blog about I wrote last year. I’ve had to use it a couple different times since then. While this plugin is pretty powerful, there are a few kinks that need to be worked out–especially if you are exporting a lot of text that was put in by users. I have been known to say that sometimes developing is like being a psychic. You need to prep the site in how you feel like the users should put in the information. Sometimes I’m good at it. Sometimes I’ve failed. This time, I didn’t think something through while programming a form.

The end of the racing season for me….

I write this post very very depressed and pissed at the situation. Tomorrow is the tri and I won’t be participating. Why? Oh I had a shitty week.

Lets start with last Sunday. Got into another accident in the parking lot of Albertsons. My poor poor car. Grrrrrr. Still figuring out that issue. Fast forward a couple days to Tuesday.. I take off on my bike to see if my bike will fit into my mothers car. Get a couple miles away from my parents house and suddenly wake up in an ambulance. Turns out that my bike isn’t meant for think dirt. The wheel got caught and I went down. Broke my brand spanking new helmet. *sighs* All within race week. Soooooooo I won’t be doing either the tri or marathon. After all that hard work. I’m more than a little pissed at the situation. At least we get to still go down to San Fran. Just won’t be racing.

SF Marathon 2015 Training Update

Yes. I should have wrote this ages ago. Yes. I have been busy. To be fair, I started a post, finished it and then WordPress kicked me out and didn’t save my draft. TT_TT I wasn’t happen and gave up re-writing it.

To sum up my training: well I’m still at it. That’s good right? I’ve done 3 races so far. Two halfs and one 12K. Two by myself and one with Tink. Bloomsday, Coeur d’Alene, Windemere. And what happened?

I PR’ed at the ones I did alone (Bloomsday & Coeur d’Alene). They were only each by mere minutes, BUT it was a PR.

Florida Trip Recap

Annnnd I’m back in the Pacific Northwest. Am I glad? Yes. I love my town. Lets just say my body is still very confused and I am cold…. Going from 80+ degree weather back to 50 will do that. Oh well. It was bound to happen.

I will admit that I wanted to blog every day, but the wifi/cell service down there was horrible. Annnnd Wordpress on an iPad didn’t corporate nicely so I gave up. I even had a draft saved. It didn’t help that I didn’t have a whole lot of time either. I ran most of the days–even if we walked for like 5 hrs a day at Universal and Disneyworld. So guess who lost weight? This girl!

Anywho, here’s the recap of the days:

Hello from Florida!

Let me just apologize from the start over the next few days. I’m doing posts from my iPad so I’m sure autocorrect will get me a couple of times with that being said…

Hello from 3 hours ahead than normal! My parents and I made it down to Florida safe and sound with not a lot of issues. It’s warm and humid here. We all slept pretty hard. That’s what happens when you’re flight is at 5:45 and you’re up at 3:50. We only had one stop at that was in Denver and it was quick. I’m glad I’ve travelled a fair bit because I don’t panic in airports. They don’t scare me. My parents tried to go to the wrong gate in Denver that was going somewhere I don’t even know. Good thing I was there with them. Hahah! And unlike the last time in Florida, we made it out of the airport just fine. Took us like 4 attempts when we came down here when I was in college. Poor papa.

Holy batman! I got published in Runner’s World!

I appeared in an article last Monday in Runner’s World. I was super excited. It showed my transformation and how running has changed me in a positive way. I felt like a super star for a day, but it was awesome. Thhheeennn the next day I got sick and went into hibernation for about a week. Took me a week and a half to get back into running after that. Biking helped keep me in shape after that. I spent most of the time watching Detective Conan episodes.

Cooking! Angel food cake

Dun dun DUUUNNN!!!

Some of you guys know this. Some don’t, but I’m not very good in the kitchen. I wish I was creative and Master Chef worthy. That’s probably one of the things I regret not learning more when I was at home. I turn 30 next week and I feel like I haven’t gotten any better. I like to think I am an alright baker though. A couple of weeks ago, my mom bought me a mini angel food cake tin thingy-ma-jig.

$christmas = ‘stressful’; $newyears = ‘sucks’;

Yea, yea. You’d have to be a programmer to get the title of this blog, but I think most people would get it. I should have posted awhile ago, but the holidays got in the way. For those who don’t know me: I hate shopping. Absolutely hate it. It’s even worse for me who gets double duty on my mom because my dad doesn’t shop. So I shop for him (to make her happy). Luckily this year, dad backed me up.

Kim Kardashian Gingerbread man!!
Kim Kardashian Gingerbread man!!

The little festivities leading up to the holidays weren’t bad really. Had 3 parties-one per a weekend-leading up to the holiday. While boyfriend worked during every one of them, I found dates (girlfriend dates) for each of them. And then one weekend, my mom, grandma, and I baked for about 9 hours. We did puppy chow (not for the dogs) and sugar cookies. Now if you don’t know my family, our family is perverted. Annnnd they rubbed off on me. …just a little bit. Sooooo while frosting the cookies (this was after 8 pretty continuous hours of baking), mom and I started to lose it and starting doing our own versions of Christmas classics. Annnnd they weren’t PG rated. I think we corrupted my grams. Not that she wasn’t already corrupted, but yea. It was funny. Mom drew a couple of naughty things on cookies (my dad ate them). I drew boobies on a Gingerbread man

Pikachu cookie!
Pikachu cookie!

who had really wide hips. I dubbed him Kim Kardashian. My dad said he nearly came up stairs because he thought someone was dying while mom and I were singing. RUDE! Hahah! Ohhh and I hand made a Pikachu cookie! After I decorated him though, mom said it looked like he had boobies so I ate him pretty quickly as well. It looked a lot better before he got baked anyway.