Running Memories

Over the years, I’ve done a gazillion races. From 5Ks, to a gazillion half marathons, to marathons. My first race as a runner was a 10K trail run in 2009. In 2010, I completed my first half marathon in Coeur d’ Alene. After that, I was addicted to that distance. It became my favorite distance. It still is really.

The following year, in 2011, my sister started to race. Like me, her first race was a trail run. She started out at a 5K and then later on that year, we did our first half in Seattle together. In October of that year, I completed my first full in Portland alone. Two years later (and my sister’s wedding), my sister and I (along with a friend) completed the Portland Marathon. It was my second one and my sister’s and our friend’s first. My sister and I spent the summer weekends training and running across the city. Sometime within those years, I did complete a couple of duathalons.

Florida Trip Recap

Annnnd I’m back in the Pacific Northwest. Am I glad? Yes. I love my town. Lets just say my body is still very confused and I am cold…. Going from 80+ degree weather back to 50 will do that. Oh well. It was bound to happen.

I will admit that I wanted to blog every day, but the wifi/cell service down there was horrible. Annnnd Wordpress on an iPad didn’t corporate nicely so I gave up. I even had a draft saved. It didn’t help that I didn’t have a whole lot of time either. I ran most of the days–even if we walked for like 5 hrs a day at Universal and Disneyworld. So guess who lost weight? This girl!

Anywho, here’s the recap of the days:

Hello from Florida!

Let me just apologize from the start over the next few days. I’m doing posts from my iPad so I’m sure autocorrect will get me a couple of times with that being said…

Hello from 3 hours ahead than normal! My parents and I made it down to Florida safe and sound with not a lot of issues. It’s warm and humid here. We all slept pretty hard. That’s what happens when you’re flight is at 5:45 and you’re up at 3:50. We only had one stop at that was in Denver and it was quick. I’m glad I’ve travelled a fair bit because I don’t panic in airports. They don’t scare me. My parents tried to go to the wrong gate in Denver that was going somewhere I don’t even know. Good thing I was there with them. Hahah! And unlike the last time in Florida, we made it out of the airport just fine. Took us like 4 attempts when we came down here when I was in college. Poor papa.