Portland Marathon Recap

I meant to post the recap earlier, but after Portland, I was pooped. My body recovered pretty fast, but I was just tired. Plus I started my new job Wednesday. …and my boyfriend is being grumpy and moody which sets off my mood. *sighs* So it’s been fun. To sum it up, it’s done. We conquered. We didn’t do it without some bumps though.

The day or so leading up to the race was kind of uneventful. My dad and my sister’s husband had fun with happy hour a couple of nights but that was it really. I kept a close eye on the forecast. Unlike last time I did Portland, the day was supposed to be hot. And I mean HOT. I was more concerned for my sister and a friend of my sister’s. They don’t care for the heat so much. I don’t usually mind it too much. It was supposed to be 81 dg. Turns out that I should have been concerned but it wasn’t for my sister. The heat affected me the most.

Countdown to Portland & other things….

Well this is it. Portland MarathonThe countdown is clicking! We leave for Portland tomorrow. As we are getting close, even I’m getting a little nervous. Not for me, but for my sister. Unlike last time for me and Portland, the weather is anticipated to be sunny and warm with a high of 81. Whhhiicchhh is making me a weeee bit nervous. I’m only hoping that it being 81 in October is a little bit different than it being 81 in say July. Ohh lordy.

Marathon Weeks 9 – 11

I know. I know. I have been absolutely horrible at updating the last few weeks. I’ll be honest, the last runs were not as exciting as I felt they should be. Plus I’ve been busy. Busy up the ying yang. As of today though, long distance training is complete and I think it’s about time for Tink to go into running hibernation (again) after Portland. She’s pooped. She might have pulled something in her foot. I want to sleep in (I’m used to running every week so the running weekly hasn’t gotten to me like it has her). Lastly, I miss my boyfriend (him and I have opposite work schedules so the weekends seem to be the only days I get to see him). Alright. Here’s the recap.

Marathon Week 8 Recap!

Today concluded week 8 of training! 🙂 After last week’s run, Tink was not looking forward to this week.


She was very much dreading it. Being the good sister I am, I got her out the door. Without having to drag her actually.

This run definitely helped heal her bruised ego. We knocked off 10 minutes off our previous 16 mile run which felt strong for both of us previously (I thought it was 20 at first but that was going off memory–whoops). Today was another new route. I winged it and came to within .5 of the 16 we had to do so we ran around the block again. I’m getting pretty good on judging distances. While running, just assume the worst and expect that what you think is a mile is more like .5 of a mile. It’s worked so far.

Marathon Thoughts

Alright, alright. I know I talk a lot about running and that probably appears all that I do. Well you wouldn’t be too far off. That’s the problem with taking on a big training schedule. It’s what you do, eat, drink, sleep. Ironman athletes do this for 8 months or so. They don’t regret it, of course, but damn! I’m good with a 12 week training program.

Anywho, this Sunday will mark 6 weeks until Portland Marathon. That also means we will be 50% done with our training. As I was laying out on the bed earlier, exhausted and just showered, I realized that this training isn’t as hard as it was the first time around. I’m not absolutely dreading the long distances and I feel stronger (still hate waking up bloody early though). Last time, however, I was doing this on my own.

Overall recap & Marathon training week 4 & 5

Sorry it’s been a bit. This last week has been crazy. August has always been a pretty busy (and expensive) month for me. Tons and tons of birthdays! 3 of my favorite people have birthdays this month. My boyfriend’s was this last Monday; one of my best friend’s birthday is today; my sister’s is Sunday. Bam, bam, bam. Because my dad works this weekend, we celebrated my sister’s birthday a week before out at the lake. Soooo how did we get our distance running in for the marathon? By doing it out at the lake. Duh. And since my sister’s birthday is on the weekend, we got it done early so she can relax. In fact, I took the day off and did it today. Actually, I took most of the week off.

Runner Confessions: Intervals

My name is CBloss and I have a confession to make.

I hate intervals.

I feel so much better now that I’ve said that. Let me back it up a little bit.

I have this friend. She’s very fast. She’s also a triathlete. She’s a tiny thing that gives the boys a run for their money–including her boyfriend. She’s a really good friend of mine. I’ve known her for about 6 years now. I saw her start her first tri. I’ve seen her finish many other races. She finishes strong. She always makes it look unbelievably simple. I’m completely proud of how far she’s come. She’s earned it. She eats, breathes, sleeps training. If that makes any sense.

For years, she’s been telling me to add in certain workouts into my running. For years, I have ignored her. For years I only did what runners call junk miles. For years, I haven’t really PR’ed. It’s been three years I think. To be fair, I haven’t been doing the training I once was. My boyfriend isn’t active nor are the people I work with. Which really doesn’t motivate me.

Marathon Week #3 & Week Re-cap

Well…this week has felt like a doozy. It’s Sunday and I’m sitting on the couch while dinner cooks.

First of all! Marathon training. We are into week 3 and this week’s millage was 12 miles. It’s always funny to me, but 12 miles doesn’t seem that long to me when you are thinking about the 26.2 we will have to do in October. When I’m training for a half though, 12 feels long. It’s a whole mental deal. Anywho, this week, training was done separate. Why? Tink was out of town for a wedding. Her and her husband were leaving early Friday morning. Sooo we had to figure out another way. She tried to get me to do the training Thursday, but Thursdays my leg strength day with my trainer. Plus I work until 5. Noooo way jose. Not gonna happen. I’m exhausted when I get off of work. So Tink had to find another way.