Bloomsday Weekend + Marathon recap

I know, I know. I’ve been quiet. Honestly, I’ve just been so blah about life, busy, and just plain tired.

I’m in week 14 of 18 of marathon training. In all honesty, the training has been going well. I mean I’m not super fast, but the training has been more enjoyable. Why? Cuz most of it has not been done alone. I’ve been running with other runners. One gal, my neighbor, has ENDLESS energy. I don’t know where she gets it from. She can easily just whip out 13 miles with no training. She’s amazing. She helps push me in the later miles where I usually struggle. She doesn’t take it hard when I cuss her out for pushing me up hill.

Runs, puppies, tris…oh my!

Yea, yea. I haven’t updated since I dropped a bomb shell in the form of a furry dog.

Needless to say, a lot has happened and yet it doesn’t feel like it:

– I’ve completed 2 halfs since April: Coeur d’Alene and Seattle Rock n’ Roll.
– I’ve got my first tri not this weekend, but the next and have not really felt like I’ve trained for it.
– Roxie (did I say her name last time?) is still adorkable and very much alive and well (and spoiled rotten–I mean well loved).

Running Memories

Over the years, I’ve done a gazillion races. From 5Ks, to a gazillion half marathons, to marathons. My first race as a runner was a 10K trail run in 2009. In 2010, I completed my first half marathon in Coeur d’ Alene. After that, I was addicted to that distance. It became my favorite distance. It still is really.

The following year, in 2011, my sister started to race. Like me, her first race was a trail run. She started out at a 5K and then later on that year, we did our first half in Seattle together. In October of that year, I completed my first full in Portland alone. Two years later (and my sister’s wedding), my sister and I (along with a friend) completed the Portland Marathon. It was my second one and my sister’s and our friend’s first. My sister and I spent the summer weekends training and running across the city. Sometime within those years, I did complete a couple of duathalons.

The end of the racing season for me….

I write this post very very depressed and pissed at the situation. Tomorrow is the tri and I won’t be participating. Why? Oh I had a shitty week.

Lets start with last Sunday. Got into another accident in the parking lot of Albertsons. My poor poor car. Grrrrrr. Still figuring out that issue. Fast forward a couple days to Tuesday.. I take off on my bike to see if my bike will fit into my mothers car. Get a couple miles away from my parents house and suddenly wake up in an ambulance. Turns out that my bike isn’t meant for think dirt. The wheel got caught and I went down. Broke my brand spanking new helmet. *sighs* All within race week. Soooooooo I won’t be doing either the tri or marathon. After all that hard work. I’m more than a little pissed at the situation. At least we get to still go down to San Fran. Just won’t be racing.

SF Marathon 2015 Training Update

Yes. I should have wrote this ages ago. Yes. I have been busy. To be fair, I started a post, finished it and then WordPress kicked me out and didn’t save my draft. TT_TT I wasn’t happen and gave up re-writing it.

To sum up my training: well I’m still at it. That’s good right? I’ve done 3 races so far. Two halfs and one 12K. Two by myself and one with Tink. Bloomsday, Coeur d’Alene, Windemere. And what happened?

I PR’ed at the ones I did alone (Bloomsday & Coeur d’Alene). They were only each by mere minutes, BUT it was a PR.

Holy batman! I got published in Runner’s World!

I appeared in an article last Monday in Runner’s World. I was super excited. It showed my transformation and how running has changed me in a positive way. I felt like a super star for a day, but it was awesome. Thhheeennn the next day I got sick and went into hibernation for about a week. Took me a week and a half to get back into running after that. Biking helped keep me in shape after that. I spent most of the time watching Detective Conan episodes.

Fall Running

Ahhh fall. Fall comes as a relief for most runners. No more getting up at dawn to get in your long runs on the weekend. Usually anyway.

I don’t mind fall really. The only things I don’t like about fall are shorter days and the fact that winter is right on it’s heels. I am not a winter person. I like running in the fall. All but one thing: the bugs come out in numbers.