You’re Not You: Film & Novel Review

Hey everyone!

Hope you survived your Thanksgiving and didn’t get trampled on while doing some Black Friday shopping…and enjoyed the Seahawks vs 49ers if you’re into that (I was reading…more on that). I just got back not too long ago doing some shopping with my sister and mom. I didn’t get to run yesterday as planned, but as I’ve discovered over the years of being with my boyfriend, family plans change…usually last minute and last minute was 10:30pm the night before. Oh well. I’m really really glad we got to be with his family the morning of because boyfriend worked that night (along with my papa). I spent the night with my mom and papa (who had to sprint off to work). Day well spent. Even the warmest Turkey day in 130 years. Crraazzzy! I’m just glad we didn’t get 6 ft of snow like Buffalo, NY did!

So anywho, as I mentioned, I was reading during the big game. I only had 10% of my book left and I wanted to finish it darn it! The book was called “You’re Not You” and is by Michelle Wildgen. I started reading the book after I saw the trailer that featured Hilary Swank and thought I’d give the book a shot and then watch the movie online. For those who aren’t up to date with your movie trailers or haven’t heard of the book, you can find it easily on wiki or youTube. To give a general plot, the story follows Bec (played by Emmy Rossum) who because a caregiver for Kate (Hilary Swank) who has Lou Gehrig (ALS) disease. Josh Duhamel plays Evan, Kate’s husband. The story follows how the two gals get along and, as wiki puts it, brings out the best in each other.