About the Running Geek

464307_10151642951693357_1922130718_oYou can pretty much figure out mostly everything from the title of this blog. I’m a runner with a geeky side.

As a Web Developer, I deal mainly with PHP, HTML/HTML5, CSS, and jQuery. I LOVE Front End Development. Front End Development is where I excel. I love bringing out the most out of a browser using the front end tools. Who doesn’t like to see a little interactive development while on the web?

As a programmer, I’m told it’s rare that I’m great with design as well. To me it’s second nature. I know the differences between colors and fonts. I know a bright yellow button wouldn’t look good on white. I have had a job as a Graphic Specialist. I’m great with Adobe Photoshop. Especially photo manipulation. You can check out some of my artwork (and some of my very early work) on my DeviantArt page.

As a runner, I’m not very good at it. I just do it a lot. I train to do races. Just training itself can be kind of blah. I’ve been to many states to do many different races. My big summer goal is to run my second marathon with my sister. This will be her first! I also have done a couple of duathalons. I’m not quite into tris yet, but I’ve got plenty of friends who are trying to get me into them.

Lastly, I am an artist. I’m great with a pencil and pad. I’m especially great at drawing anime characters.

When I’m not coding, running, biking or drawing, I’m usually playing video games. Some of my favorite games are among the Zelda series and Final Fantasy.