Bloomsday Weekend + Marathon recap

I know, I know. I’ve been quiet. Honestly, I’ve just been so blah about life, busy, and just plain tired. 

I’m in week 14 of 18 of marathon training. In all honesty, the training has been going well. I mean I’m not super fast, but the training has been more enjoyable. Why? Cuz most of it has not been done alone. I’ve been running with other runners. One gal, my neighbor, has ENDLESS energy. I don’t know where she gets it from. She can easily just whip out 13 miles with no training. She’s amazing. She helps push me in the later miles where I usually struggle. She doesn’t take it hard when I cuss her out for pushing me up hill. 

Most of my training is complete, but I still have the biggie remaining. The 20 miler. Dun, dun duuuuuuun! I’ll be doing a portion with that run with Miss Jackie if she’s still up for it. While I’m grateful for all the help I’m getting from random people, I really miss meeting my sister half way. She’s kind of got her hands fun with baby Jaxon who is 4 months old today. He’s growing and getting a personality. He’s teething already and smiling like CRAZY. I can totally just watch him giggle and talk to my sister all day. Tink’s planning on getting back into running here soon. She hasn’t gone back to work quite yet, but she will here next month. It’ll be rough for her. 

Post Bloomsday recap

I started this post a couple weeks ago and never finished. I know. I’m terrible. I just don’t like being on a computer at home after I’ve been on one all day. Not to mention Roxie LOVES to try to push my laptop off my lap. ^^; Silly dog. 

Bloomsday was a good day. I knocked off nearly 3 minutes off my time. The run home was less awesome. I left everything I had on the course. 

Last week, I completed my last super long run of 20 miles. Like the first time, I asked Jackie for help on 10 miles of it and we did the same (from what I remember) route. I struggled hard. *sighs*

Now that that 20 miler is done, it’s starting to sink in what is right around the corner. Doesn’t help that they are starting to send out “Race update” and “Course update” emails on the race. Eeeeeks! 

I’ll be fine. I’ve done this before. I can do it again. 

Sorry this post is a little scattered. My brain is kind of gone. 🙂

Later taters!


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