New year! New…lotta things

I know. It’s been a few months. Honestly, just haven’t had the urge to post. Why? Just cuz I’m a dud and don’t want to login. Haha! Lazy, yes, but honest.

The last couple of months–until a week ago (I’ll get to that), has been kind of dead. I have a new gal friend/coworker who I workout with. We hang out a lot. She’s a lifter. I’m a runner. We balance each other out. Other than that, Roxie and I have been balancing the cold, snow, and dark. I put a headlamp on her and 2 other things that light up. Sometimes she wears her jacket. Sometimes I don’t make her wear it. Since New Years, the temperature has been extremely low. Like 4 is the high low. I refuse to walk her then. It’s more for her safety than mine. Well I don’t wanna do it either. In other general news, it keeps on snowing. I couldn’t even get boyfriend’s car out this morning. What a pain in the butt. I’ll stop harping on the weather.

I signed up for San Diego marathon and Denver half. I start marathon training on my birthday. I’ll spend the first month and half doing training on the treadmill, but I’d rather be well and not spend most of the training sick. Denver is in October and only a half so I’m not really worried.

Jaxon & Me

My big news: I’m now an auntie. Jaxon Robert was born Jan 5th at 5lbs 15 oz and 19in long. He was originally due on the 17th so he was a little preemie but he’s healthy and super adorable.  My sister and her husband were definitely exhausted by the end. They went home a couple days later. My sister had to go into an emergency C-Section around 4:30, but came out just fine. She’s still pretty tired and sore, but recovering slowly.

Anywho, I wanted to brag about my new nephew. I freakin’ adore him already. He’s just so tiny!

Later dudes!

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