Runs, puppies, tris…oh my!

Yea, yea. I haven’t updated since I dropped a bomb shell in the form of a furry dog. roxie_posing

Needless to say, a lot has happened and yet it doesn’t feel like it:

  • I’ve completed 2 halfs since April: Coeur d’Alene and Seattle Rock n’ Roll.
  • I’ve got my first tri not this weekend, but the next and have not really felt like I’ve trained for it.
  • Roxie (did I say her name last time?) is still adorkable and very much alive and well (and spoiled rotten–I mean well loved).

Let me back up. The halfs went well….for the most part. CDA did at least. I knocked off 6 minutes off my Negative Split time and 9 min off overall. I was pleased. Now for Seattle….well…I PR’ed for that race but added a minute. Most people would say “Wow just a min!”. I was pissed because the universe seemed to be against me. Here’s why (a little TMI):

  • My poor parents’ car broke down before even leaving the bloody city.
  • We got stuck in bad construction for about an hour.
  • The race was on day 2 of my period which is the worse day EVER.
  • The people above and below me were having parties at the hotel.
  • The race was delayed by an hour due to traffic and corrals.
Mom and Russell Wilson
Mom and Russell Wilson

The one freakin’ time I get to bed around 10:30 and that happens. BAH. So upsetting. And to top it off, a guy I knew and wanted to beat ran it beat me by 5 minutes. I was a little pissed. Pissed at myself. Pissed at the universe. Pissed at the people in the hotel. AND PEOPLE NEED TO STOP USING SNAPCHAT DURING THE BLOODY RACE. BAH.

Okay. I’ll stop. On another note, my dad joined the trip. For a trip that was supposed to be solo, I was surprised to be going with both my parents. It was good though. I enjoyed them. The 50th Star Trek convention was in Seattle so papa wanted to go. Plus, it was Father’s Day that Sunday. Perfect-o! The race finished at the Century Link and if you’re a Seahawks fan, then that would be awesome. I’m not a big football fan, but even I gotta admit it was neat. The bling, bling with the race (aka medal) was nice and big and I tortured Roxie with it when I got home. Why do I torture my dog? Well because I can. Duh. She took it like a good sport.

The tri is the week after 4th of July. It’s a tiny one with not even a 5K at the end. I haven’t been running distance since the half (I needed a break–and the temperature shot up into the 90s again), but pretty sure I can somehow manage a 2.89mi run. -_- The swim….might be interesting. I signed up for this on a weak whim. My sister has some co-workers who signed up with no racing or training so I figured “What the heck?”

Sooo…I’ve got a dog laying on my arm. I think it’s timed to draw this entry to a close.

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