The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heros

First off, Happy Easter everyone! Or as my kiwi and I have been calling it, Bunny Day! I won’t go into detail what I was calling it–it was less PG and more PG-13.

Anywho, not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not, but I’m a gamer. I’ve been told I’m a casual gamer though (by some guy I used to know who was more hardcore gamer and jerk but we won’t go into that). My video game urgers comes and goes in spurts. There are certain series I pay attention to though. Final Fantasy is one (not the only one ones) and my biggest passion? Zelda. I got into Zelda when my parents purchased Ocarina of Time on a N64. Ahhh..the good ol’ days. From then on, I was hooked. I’ve got all the Game Boy/DS/3DS ones that have come out since then. I never disliked a Zelda game. I’ve enjoyed them all for different reasons. I have my faves though. OoT will always be my top fave. I think Twilight Princess will also be right up there (I’m a sucker for Epona). I enjoyed Windwaker and Majora’s Mask. I’m not a huge fan of Skyward Sword, but I like the gameplay. Overall, I’ve enjoyed them all.

Back in December, after my surgery, I was kind of a slave to my 3DS. When a runner can’t run and biking sucked one handed..what can you do? My options were limited. Soooo video gaming I went! I played a lot of Mario Golf and replayed A Link Between Worlds. I always thought that was an amusing game and the gameplay was different, but it was very Zelda. For Christmas, I got the latest Zelda: Triforce Heroes. I will totally be honest: I didn’t really read up on this game. I knew it was the Windwaker graphics, but that was it. Let’s just say….I was kind of surprised with it.

The plot of the story is some random princess (not Zelda) who has the best fashion (their words–not mine) gets cursed to be in this black skin tight suit because some old lady witch person wants the princess to be ugly…or something like that. Link arrives and is given the task to save the Princess (of course) and is split into 3 Links and along the way, you gather materials that can go towards different outfits for Link.

You have two ways to play the game: single or online mode. Single mode, you can only select one Link’s outfit and have to balance all three Links (which can be tough–especially in boss fights). Think Four Swords, but you had to carry all the Links instead of locking them in a certain formation. Online mode can be interesting. You get to play as one Link (and choose your outfit while other players do too). You can only communicate through 6 emoji icons. It keeps the gameplay PG and safe. No sick stalkers here. It was kind of fun to play in online mode, however when someone didn’t get the level they wanted (it was a group decision or went through a roulette if the decision wasn’t unanimous), sometimes, they would just keep running off the edge until all the lives ran out. -_- I didn’t have that happen a lot. It was just weird.

Now as for the outfits…each of them had different powers. There was a Kokiri one that shot 3 arrows at once. A Big Bomb one that let you have a bigger explosion and then there was a Princess Zelda one that made hearts more available. That’s right. Link was a crossdresser.

Some of Link’s outfits

These were just a couple of them. I will admit that I used the Princess Zelda one quite a bit. …it was just weird. I beat the game before I managed to gather up all the outfits. After that, I kind of lost my ambition to gather all the outfits.

To sum it up, it was an odd game. Game play was fun and some of the bosses remind me of old Zelda DS bosses. It was still fun. Just not on the top of my list.

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