2015 Recap

At the ER
At the ER

Beware, I do cuss a fair bit in this post. I’m freezing and feeling a bit grumpy because of it so have no filter. Oh and this post is NOT organized at all.

Yea yea. I know. I haven’t posted anything (besides a dev blog) since July. Well honestly. It’s been busy and I’m still kind of pissed at how my summer panned out. I was supposed to have another marathon under my belt and finally complete my first tri. Nope. Didn’t happen.

We still went to San Fran and honestly, it was a great time. It was all girls. I was feeling a bit distracted for the later part of it. Our lease was up at the old place in August and I’m never sure how my boyfriend feels sometimes about me. He could go months without showing emotion and then like a flip of a switch, be catchy Cathy. I honestly don’t get him. I gave him the option of going different paths in August and, like usual, didn’t get much of an answer. Then in September, he wanted to move across the city with me in apartments that were closer to my sister. Like an idiot, I followed blindly. Our schedules do not go together. I work a normal Mon-Fri job while he works Wed-Sun. Yea. As you could expect, it worked wonderfully. Let’s just say he’s lazy and my dad and I practically moved us. I couldn’t lift anything big. At that time my shoulder was still screwed up to high heaven and would give me grief if I tried. Not to mention, I got food poisoning that weekend I spent at the old place trying to clean it up. I so loved life. So between that and trying to maintain my sanity, my body paid me back double a couple months after I calmed down.

The new place is nice and bigger, but I’m still stuck doing everything and sometimes, that gets really old. It has a fireplace which I discovered I’m an idiot with. I’m a software developer–not a Girl Scout. BAH.

In late August, my mom, sister, brother-in-law and I ventured over to Seattle for my cousin’s

49ers vs Seahawks
49ers vs Seahawks

wedding. We went over for support, but didn’t realize we would have family drama with the extended family. Everyone can’t afford anything, but can afford other shit that they can’t afford. …bah. That’s as far as I’m going into it.

Then in November, boyfriend and I ventured back over to Seattle for the 49ers vs Seahawks game. While I was worried we were going to get into a lot of fights and get glares, most of the fans were pretty chill and cool about it. The Seahawks won (poor boyfriend), but it was a fun time featuring a drunk British/Canadian behind us and some other 49er fans from Cali who were also behind us. Also, I discovered that the Cheesecake Factory has the BEST gumbo ever. SO GOOD.

Post surgery
Post surgery

To add more fun to life, I got my shoulder fixed on the 4th of December. It needed to get done. Buuut what sucks is I can’t run (still can’t) until after the New Years. Darn doctor. Oh well. I won’t regret it in the long run. …no pun intended. What surprised me is boyfriend called in and stayed with me. I stayed with my family that weekend, but he stayed with me on the first night. I got lots of doggie care over that weekend. Scarlet walked me around with my sleeve I wasn’t using. I had the surgery on Friday and went back to work on Monday. Working was rough, but I managed. I didn’t need a lot of pain meds.


And now I’m sitting here freezing my butt off in our apartment. Boyfriend is working and the most exciting thing I have planned for the new year is trying to see if I can make steak without fucking it up royal. What are my plans for 2016? I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve seen so many failures at Weight Watchers and the gym. If I did have a resolution, I would say trying to complete my first tri. I’m sure I’ll get back to another marathon and who knows, I might sign up for San Fransisco again, but it probably won’t be next year. I just want to heal properly first.

Alright. I’m over and out. I gotta take dinner out and see if I can do it. 🙂

Peace out,


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