SF Marathon 2015 Training Update

Yes. I should have wrote this ages ago. Yes. I have been busy. To be fair, I started a post, finished it and then WordPress kicked me out and didn’t save my draft. TT_TT I wasn’t happen and gave up re-writing it.Coeur d'Alene 2015 Medal

To sum up my training: well I’m still at it. That’s good right? I’ve done 3 races so far. Two halfs and one 12K. Two by myself and one with Tink. Bloomsday, Coeur d’Alene, Windemere. And what happened?

I PR’ed at the ones I did alone (Bloomsday & Coeur d’Alene). They were only each by mere minutes, BUT it was a PR.

Needless to say, I was pretty sure I could PR at Bloomsday. I wanted more off, but I was cautious because I had to do a bunch of extra mileage afterwards so I had that in my mind as I raced to the finish. Now Coeur d’Alene, I was surprised. They made this course a lot harder than it was in 2011. But my hill training kicked in and stayed with me. I wasn’t even sure if I PR’ed after I finished. I saw my brother-in-law¬† at the finish and I was like “I think I PR’ed?”. And then took off to help my sister finish.

Now Windemere didn’t go as well as planned. This was my sister’s last half for awhile. She wants to have a baby before she tries to attempt another race. My sister had in her mind what she wanted and really did try. Buuut that weekend was the hottest yet (near 90 dg) and she was super nervous. My poor sister. My poorrr, poor sister doesn’t do well in the heat. And she was strongly discouraged with how well I was doing running next to her. She doesn’t realize how much I train and how much more distance I’ve been doing. Sooo she was good until about mile 8 and that’s when it started to get pretty hot. And she kept getting more and more depressed. God. I really tried to pull her out of the depression, but everything I said didn’t work. Lord knows I’ve been there. I can’t count how many times I’ve called mom crying wondering why I wasn’t getting faster and why all my friends were so much faster. She’d calmly tell me to calm down and stop being so hard on myself. Hahah! Gotta love mothers.

In the aftermath of the race, my sister did end up crying. And, like the feisty fairy she is, proclaimed she wants to do anther one. She wants revenge. We are sisters, afterall. This time, we are going to try something different and that’s us running apart. She’s coming to the conclusion that doesn’t run so fast with me but when she’s chasing after me. We’ll see if she will decide to attempt it again.

After Windemere, my race season goes on a break and my marathon and tri training kicks into high gear–especially the marathon. My next race is the tri (EEKS!) followed by the marathon the next weekend. I’m fairly confident that I can complete the race within the 6 hours. What I’m most scared of is how much I want to knock off. Can I do it? Well. Let’s see if my training works!

This week is 12 mi followed by 20, 12, 20, 12.

….what did I sign up for this time?

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