Hello from Florida!

Let me just apologize from the start over the next few days. I’m doing posts from my iPad so I’m sure autocorrect will get me a couple of times with that being said…

Hello from 3 hours ahead than normal! My parents and I made it down to Florida safe and sound with not a lot of issues. It’s warm and humid here. We all slept pretty hard. That’s what happens when you’re flight is at 5:45 and you’re up at 3:50. We only had one stop at that was in Denver and it was quick. I’m glad I’ve travelled a fair bit because I don’t panic in airports. They don’t scare me. My parents tried to go to the wrong gate in Denver that was going somewhere I don’t even know. Good thing I was there with them. Hahah! And unlike the last time in Florida, we made it out of the airport just fine. Took us like 4 attempts when we came down here when I was in college. Poor papa.

Our timeshare in Kissemmee is absolutely gorgeous. We got joining rooms and the place is HUGE. I also got a jetted tub. Which I did use. 🙂 I’ve got pics and videos that I’ll post later. And the timeshare is right next to Outlets. The one time Tink isn’t here and our place is close to a mall.

The morning started early for me. Got up at 7:30 and managed to get a run in. Only 3 miles but the humidity makes it hard. At least I got it done! I’ve got a half at the end of my vacation. Gotta keep the legs in shape. Oh and I managed to get the run in and shower before my parents were done. First time ever I’m thinking!!

Today we are hitting Universal Studios! That’s the plan for the next couple days. My last day here we are gonna hit Disneyworld. Alright. That’s the plan!

Later gators!

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