Holy batman! I got published in Runner’s World!

First off, I wanted to publish this last week, but things have been busy.

I appeared in an article last Monday in Runner’s World. I was super excited. It showed my transformation and how running has changed me in a positive way. I felt like a super star for a day, but it was awesome. Thhheeennn the next day I got sick and went into hibernation for about a week. Took me a week and a half to get back into running after that. Biking helped keep me in shape after that. I spent most of the time watching Detective Conan episodes.

So needless to say my training took a major hit. I have less than a month until my first half of the season and right after that I’m back to it with marathon training. I’m starting to slightly freak out about it. Why? Ohhhh the elevation gain is pretty nasty in this one. It’s really going to test my endurance and mental capability.

Well I’ve got 3 min until dinner is done. Better jet.

Ja ne!

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