As “Winter” Goes…Racing Season is Close

I know, I know. Yet again, I’ve sucked at posting. Honestly, there hasn’t been much to post about.

Boyfriend’s working. Family drama is always in the air but everyone is still alive and not killing anyone. Works going good.

Training…is well training. I think I’m getting strong? It feels never ending. As March Madness begins and the last few weeks of March dwindle, I’ve begun to see that I begin marathon training (again) in 3 weeks. …and I’m slightly freaking out. Why? Well this time it’s because I’m doing it alone…. again. What’s nice about this time? I’ve got several races to help knock off a good chunk of millage. That way, I’m only running alone very little.

Tri training is ever going. I keep running out of time though!! I can never get swimming in twice a week. GAH! Boyfriend’s shifts on the weekend need to be longer. 😛 Just kidding.

Anywho, just on a little note, my parents and I are off to Florida not next Sunday but the Sunday after that. Then I come back that Friday and have a race on Sunday. Weekend after that? MARATHON TRAINING!!!


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