Cooking! Angel food cake

IMG_4929Dun dun DUUUNNN!!!

Some of you guys know this. Some don’t, but I’m not very good in the kitchen. I wish I was creative and Master Chef worthy. That’s probably one of the things I regret not learning more when I was at home. I turn 30 next week and I feel like I haven’t gotten any better. I like to think I am an alright baker though. A couple of weeks ago, my mom bought me a mini angel food cake tin thingy-ma-jig. I was ecstatic. Soooo I jumped onto Pinterest of course! Gotta love Pinterest! The end result turned out pretty good. At least I think so. My boyfriend (I’m starting to call him Gordon Ramsey) was a little pickier. They turned out a little bit more denser than they should have been, but that was all. I was very proud for it being my first time!!!! I was just glad they didn’t collapse and I did a lot of reading before I started. I did use my KitchenAide. Freakin’ love that mixer.

If you read up on some recipes for Angel Food Cake, you will see how serious bakers are about the egg whites being with OUT the yolk or any fat. They actually wash their utensils in vinegar to make sure there is no fat on them. It’s a little crazy, but it seems to work for them. This was the recipe I used for them.

Best Ever Angel Food Cake

I definitely recommend you read up on the tips before starting.

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