$christmas = ‘stressful’; $newyears = ‘sucks’;

Yea, yea. You’d have to be a programmer to get the title of this blog, but I think most people would get it. I should have posted awhile ago, but the holidays got in the way. For those who don’t know me: I hate shopping. Absolutely hate it. It’s even worse for me who gets double duty on my mom because my dad doesn’t shop. So I shop for him (to make her happy). Luckily this year, dad backed me up.

Kim Kardashian Gingerbread man!!
Kim Kardashian Gingerbread man!!

The little festivities leading up to the holidays weren’t bad really. Had 3 parties-one per a weekend-leading up to the holiday. While boyfriend worked during every one of them, I found dates (girlfriend dates) for each of them. And then one weekend, my mom, grandma, and I baked for about 9 hours. We did puppy chow (not for the dogs) and sugar cookies. Now if you don’t know my family, our family is perverted. Annnnd they rubbed off on me. …just a little bit. Sooooo while frosting the cookies (this was after 8 pretty continuous hours of baking), mom and I started to lose it and starting doing our own versions of Christmas classics. Annnnd they weren’t PG rated. I think we corrupted my grams. Not that she wasn’t already corrupted, but yea. It was funny. Mom drew a couple of naughty things on cookies (my dad ate them). I drew boobies on a Gingerbread man

Pikachu cookie!
Pikachu cookie!

who had really wide hips. I dubbed him Kim Kardashian. My dad said he nearly came up stairs because he thought someone was dying while mom and I were singing. RUDE! Hahah! Ohhh and I hand made a Pikachu cookie! After I decorated him though, mom said it looked like he had boobies so I ate him pretty quickly as well. It looked a lot better before he got baked anyway.

So besides being forced to shop, really the holidays weren’t that bad. I just always freak out that I got everyone enough. My family is big (and I mean BIG on presents).

Theeen New Years rolls around. I really have come to hate New Years. It’s just never been super great. The year before boyfriend an I got together, it was an awkward situation between an old flame and I at a country bar. Then the next year, boyfriend quit his job and was starting to get very sick (which I of course got). The year after that, we had a big fight. And this year was much of the same drama. I won’t get into the details, but one of these years, I’d like to enjoy both holidays. I will say this though: thank god for great girlfriends. After New Years, I was totally left confused and didn’t know what to do. Yet again, my great girlfriend led me down path that helped me open my eyes. She’s a wise girl that one. So to help cheer me up, I’ve been drawing and baking! Making my own pasta and cooking it.

One of the good things that did come out of the holidays though: I’m down quite a few pounds–despite eating a ton of food. I did this by spending a heck of a lot of time at the gym in between holiday stuff. I joined a gym back after Thanksgiving. I needed access to a pool. Shortly after I joined, I got sick with lots of fun crap in my throat and was told to stay out of the pool. I’ve been mostly out of it since. Hopefully I’ve recovered enough to get back to it. I’ve got plenty of time to train anyway. I have been at least doing intervals during the week. I want to do hills, but I’m still a little weary of my knee. I guess only time will tell.

I’m sitting here on the couch on a snowy (it’s coming down like a son of a gun) day under a heated blanket. I think I’m gonna have fun while still on vaca. 🙂

Later gators!


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