PHP Dates

PHP can be fickle at times. Especially with dates. I ran into a situation at work where I needed to figure out the end of the next payperiod and if that that date was on a week day, figure out the Friday before. After finalizing the script, I learned that PHP would prefer the bigger version of the date than the short version. For example:

$date = date('Y-m-d'); //2014-12-11
$new_date = date('n', strtotime($date));

….won’t give you anything back. Why? Once you think of it, it makes sense.


Could mean November or July depending on the country you’re in. Soooo if you ask PHP for for the full date….

$date = date('j F Y'); //3 July 2014
$new_date = date('n', strtotime($date)); // 4

This will work. Funny huh? Just asking for the bigger version of the date will solve everything. PHP you fickle pickle!

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