Fall Running

Ahhh fall. Fall comes as a relief for most runners. No more getting up at dawn to get in your long runs on the weekend. Usually anyway.

I don’t mind fall really. The only things I don’t like about fall are shorter days and the fact that winter is right on it’s heels. I am not a winter person. I like running in the fall. All but one thing: the bugs come out in numbers.

Just like the summer, our little area of the Pacific Northwest is experiencing a warm fall. This is making the bugs really miserable. If you are brave enough to attempt to run with them, you will find your hair, shirt, and skin covered in bugs. The sweat doesn’t help at all. 🙂

The question is how do you avoid them? The only for sure answer I got is don’t run. That’s just silly really. Another tip I’ve got is to make sure to wear sun glasses–even when the weather is less than awesome. I went sans glasses one day during intervals and it was bad. Got a couple of bugs stuck in my eye. The next day, the weather was threatening to rain, but I wore glasses and it made a world of difference.

Anyone else have any other tips on how to avoid the pesky bugs?

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