Countdown to Portland & other things….

Well this is it. Portland MarathonThe countdown is clicking! We leave for Portland tomorrow. As we are getting close, even I’m getting a little nervous. Not for me, but for my sister. Unlike last time for me and Portland, the weather is anticipated to be sunny and warm with a high of 81. Whhhiicchhh is making me a weeee bit nervous. I’m only hoping that it being 81 in October is a little bit different than it being 81 in say July. Ohh lordy.

In other news, my last day at my job was Tuesday. I got a new job with another company as a PHP Developer. It’s a little bit scary, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I will miss my old team. 🙂 I will miss the Dancing Groot sessions and the random dance parties with Emerald. Time for a new era to begin!

OH! I am excited to announce two things!!!

1.) My boyfriend bought a new car! It’s a BMW and will be coming up from across the states. He’s been shopping a lot and once he finds one, they’ve been selling pretty quickly. Poor guy.

2.) I booked a massage the day after we get back from Portland. …okay that’s not exciting to everyone else. Just me. ^^;

Alright peeps! This will probably be the last post before the race! I will let you guys know how it turns out!

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