Marathon Weeks 9 – 11

I know. I know. I have been absolutely horrible at updating the last few weeks. I’ll be honest, the last runs were not as exciting as I felt they should be. Plus I’ve been busy. Busy up the ying yang. As of today though, long distance training is complete and I think it’s about time for Tink to go into running hibernation (again) after Portland. She’s pooped. She might have pulled something in her foot. I want to sleep in (I’m used to running every week so the running weekly hasn’t gotten to me like it has her). Lastly, I miss my boyfriend (him and I have opposite work schedules so the weekends seem to be the only days I get to see him). Alright. Here’s the recap.

Week 9 —

Week 10 was supposed to be our long one of 20 miles….well turned out week 9 was. We hit 18 this weekend and not a moment too soon. The weather is starting to become chilly in the mornings so when we started at 7, it was only 45 degrees out. This only bothered us for like a mile. Week took a similar route that we did for week 8 (16 miler) but went east more. Tink’s stomach was a little bit of an issue. Not as bad as it would in the week to come. She did loose it around mile 8 though with the giggles and then again around mile 11. It was funny but nothing serious. We finished the full 18 and I feel like we finished strong.

It was also this week or the week before where my sister was starting to have issues with her foot.

Week 10 —

Sandpoint Half 2014
Start of the half. We are in there somewhere.

This weekend was supposed to be our longest run at 20 miles. We originally planned to participate in a half marathon that was about an hour out of town and then do the additional 7 out and around the city. Mainly, I didn’t want to carry the water bottles for the full 20 (they sometimes feel heavy) and I have missed this half the last couple of years and always enjoyed it. So it was an early morning drive the the city where the race was held. If we only had to do the original 13, the temperature would have been fine, but the race started at 8. We had issues right from the start. Actually, our issues started that Thursday.

My sister and I went out to dinner before the Blake Shelton concert. She has gone gluten free for nearly a year and her body has been doing well since then. We went to a restaurant where we both ordered one of the salads and a side of fries. My sister asked if the fries were gluten free. The waitress said yes, but they are in an area where gluten is present. That’s fine with her. She’s not that sensitive. Over night, her issues exploded with her stomach. I called the restaurant and asked if their fries were gluten free again (you never know). The guy said the fries themselves are gluten free, however, the oil contains gluten. How the hell is that gluten free!? Are you kidding me!? Ugh. I was so pissed.

Soooo Sunday rolls around. For a 20 mile run, my sister eats 1/2 a granola to be on the safe side and nothing else. Anyone who runs distance knows that this isn’t going to be enough. Boy was it not. To be fair to my sister, she was going to be starting a new job the next day so her nerves were getting the best of her and lastly, I think her running out of energy was better than her having to find a bush every 1/2 mile. Needless to say, the half we finished just fine for the most part. It was a little bit hillier than I have forced her to train on and it was hot and windy. The last 3 miles were at least flat and she was pooped. We got it done and still managed to PR for a half with us together. After the race, we watched a friend finished, grabbed a banana, I switched out the energy belt for the water bottle belt and we headed out.

We only completed an extra 4 and that last mile was pretty much a walk. Tink really did try to push it, but she had nothing in the tank. Nadda. Zilch. Zero. I couldn’t really get mad at her and I knew dragging the extra 3 would be pointless. Absolutely pointless.

On a random note, at the end of the day, even if we didn’t reach the 20, I still ate my gigantic chocolate chip cookie. ^_^

Week 11 —

Thank god for taper weeks. I know people who can’t taper very well and they get twitchy. I, on the other hand, freaking love tapers. As I see it, we freakin’ earned it. Might as well enjoy not having to drag your butt for 15+ miles. Geez.

Today, we only did 10 miles. People roll their eyes when we say “only” 10, but after the distance we’ve been doing, it’s freakin’ only 10. I thought this was going to be an easy run and really it was, but my sister’s feet are not loving her. Granted she got new shoes around week 8 and it was really a bad time to get them. Granted, I got new shoes, but they were the same model–just not wore down–so my feet were fine for the most part.

We are seriously puzzled as to what’s going on with her feet. My boyfriend thinks she might have pulled something which could be possible. She’s not really used to wearing shoes. She’s a flip flop girl. We managed to do 10 at least and just a hair bit more. I do know one thing that is starting to get to her:

Too much running.

Every single week, it’s run run run. Plan everything around running. Can’t go out because we have a long distance run the next day. Poor Tink’s just burned out. I feel her. I did the same the first time I tackled Portland. I left the country a month later. I needed to get out. Reason why I haven’t lost it this time? I wasn’t alone for 5+ hours. I’m a slow runner. I just do it a lot. I do think I could tackle a marathon faster than I did last time, but I wasn’t a fan of being alone for so long.

Anywho, I will quiet the melodrama. I just needed to spill everything. In conclusion, I am proud of my sister and what she has done. Quiet a few people doubted her, but I never did. She’s a feisty little fairy and I know that this girl can pull distance out of her ass without much training.

One last thing to say: Portland, here we come!

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