Marathon Week 8 Recap!

Today concluded week 8 of training! 🙂 After last week’s run, Tink was not looking forward to this week.


She was very much dreading it. Being the good sister I am, I got her out the door. Without having to drag her actually.

This run  definitely helped heal her bruised ego. We knocked off 10 minutes off our previous 16 mile run which felt strong for both of us previously (I thought it was 20 at first but that was going off memory–whoops). Today was another new route. I winged it and came to within .5 of the 16 we had to do so we ran around the block again. I’m getting pretty good on judging distances. While running, just assume the worst and expect that what you think is a mile is more like .5 of a mile. It’s worked so far.

Anywho, we conquered today’s run and we conquered it gooooood! It helped that at the start it was only like 45 degrees outside. It was 75-80 at the finish.

With our many runs, I have learned a couple of things.

  1. My sister is pretty good about pushing through to the next mile before taking a break.
  2. I have to keep our walking breaks down to a minimum otherwise her legs tend to stiffen up on her.
  3. She still hates hills–to her credit though, she’s tackled a couple of them. 🙂
  4. I wish I could have a ghost of her next to me on my solo runs. I’m stronger when I pay attention to her.

Okay that was more than a couple, but those are it!

Alright. On to week 9! 18 miles is the goal. This will be our last solo long run together as well. Besides the 10 miler the week before Portland, but come on! This late in the game, 10 is nothing.

Later gaters!


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