Check your variable names….

…and actually read the stinkin’ error code while you’re at it!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am blonde. Yep! Guilty as charged. It also doesn’t help that I’ve always had this bad habit of skimming. Yes. I know about it. No, I’m not great at fixing this issue. I’ve done it forever.

This doesn’t really help me with programming.

This blog is more of just a tip for people. Two simple itty bitty tips.

  1. Check your variable names. When I’m tired, this one might not register right away. I totally mistype my variable names or call them one thing and try to call them something else later on. For example, seatStatus does not equal status. So copy and paste if you aren’t sure!
  2. Actually read the bloody error that PHP gives you. I kept thinking I had some weird object error, but it turns out that I was calling a property wrong (view #1). Dang it!!

Doing these two (stupid newbie-ish) will help you in the long run. Don’t want to dig into a bunch of research if you don’t have to!

Bad CBloss, bad!

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