Overall recap & Marathon training week 4 & 5

Hey everyone!

Sorry it’s been a bit. This last week has been crazy. August has always been a pretty busy (and expensive) month for me. Tons and tons of birthdays! 3 of my favorite people have birthdays this month. My boyfriend’s was this last Monday; one of my best friend’s birthday is today; my sister’s is Sunday. Bam, bam, bam. Because my dad works this weekend, we celebrated my sister’s birthday a week before out at the lake. Soooo how did we get our distance running in for the marathon? By doing it out at the lake. Duh. And since my sister’s birthday is on the weekend, we got it done early so she can relax. In fact, I took the day off and did it today. Actually, I took most of the week off.

Alright. Let me back up. I went out to the lake last Friday to spend the weekend out at the lake. Tink and I planed on getting up at an ungodly hour (aka. 5:30) the next day, driving into town and start running by 6. Well, we were a little lake, but not by much. We were supposed to hit 14 that weekend. What was nice is there was a tri going on in town at the same time. My close friend and another friend were in it. Perfect! So we got nice little distractions for the full 14 and got to enjoy the different scenery around the lake. Win-win. We were going to meet Nicki and her mom to lead them out to the lake for some fun later. We were quickly running out of time and my sister asked if we could cut the run to 13.5 so we could not be late. Welllll let’s just say with a little misjudgement on distance on my part (whoops), we hit the full 14. Tink wasn’t mad. I found it funny. Oh well. Nicki was totally cool about it as always. Anywho, we had a TON of fun relaxing later. We got to relax on my parents new pontoon boat and got to play in the water.

I got back into town Sunday so I can spend some time with my boyfriend and spend his birthday with him. We went out to dinner with his family and went to see Book of Mormon on Tuesday (took both Monday & Tuesday off).

Back to work on Wednesday & Thursday. Finally got to workout again Wednesday with hill repeats and stairs after work with Tink. I think it was too long of a break because my arch was being a PITA Thursday. Sooo I took it easy Thursday and biked.

Now for today [Friday], Tink and I were scheduled to hit 16 and we totally freakin’ hit it with not even a .01 to spare. We ran from her house out to my parents house. Luckily, there was a relay race going on the other way. We kind of did (some since they do over 200 mi) their route, but backwards. PURELY on accident. It was kind of funny really. Anywho, Tink and I did well and what’s funny is we had to run around the driveway at my parents once to fully hit the 16. Sammie, the (white) yellow lab, ran with us for a loop. My parents drove us back to my sister’s. Not even 20 minutes later, Mother Nature had a temper tantrum and stormed hard. We couldn’t have planned that better.

Well, that’s the recap. I’m going to go eat dinner. I’m pretty bushed after today. I’ll keep you guys updated next week. It will be more normal. Below are some pics of the weekend.

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