Marathon Week #3 & Week Re-cap

Well…this week has felt like a doozy. It’s Sunday and I’m sitting on the couch while dinner cooks.

First of all! Marathon training. We are into week 3 and this week’s millage was 12 miles. It’s always funny to me, but 12 miles doesn’t seem that long to me when you are thinking about the 26.2 we will have to do in October. When I’m training for a half though, 12 feels long. It’s a whole mental deal. Anywho, this week, training was done separate. Why? Tink was out of town for a wedding. Her and her husband were leaving early Friday morning. Sooo we had to figure out another way. She tried to get me to do the training Thursday, but Thursdays my leg strength day with my trainer. Plus I work until 5. Noooo way jose. Not gonna happen. I’m exhausted when I get off of work. So Tink had to find another way.

My sister isn’t one for running alone. She hates it. I can’t blame her. Especially for a marathon. It’s a long time by yourself–especially for us slower people. I have friends who can complete a marathon in less than 3 hours. We are training just for survival. Anywho, Tink had to find a way to get the 12 in. Enter her friend, Nicki. Nicki’s a trooper. Last year, she did a half with only 2 weeks notice and a whole less training. She completed it. Nicki usually joins Tink on runs where I’m not there. 12 miles was a bit out of her range though so she offered to ride next to Tink for 6 miles and run with her for another 6. This way Tink won’t be alone and someone can carry water for her. There was a HUGE problem standing in the way of this plan.

The weather (dun dun duuuunnn).

We’ve had one of the hottest summers. It’s been close or over 100 degrees for the last 2 weeks. Even my hardcore friends are not getting their workouts in. It’s been pretty intense. My sister is not one to run in the heat either. She wants to get up early every long distance day so we can get our run in before the heat kicks in. Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person? Ehhh. So you can imagine my concern for my sister. It was brutally hot. Like knock you on your butt hot. I didn’t think there was a way she could complete the 12 in this weather.

She proved me wrong and I am so happy to be wrong.

She only hit 11 miles, but to me, that mileage equals 15 in my mind. This was a big achievement for her. I am incredibly proud of her! Now I feel bad for ditching some of my outdoor runs because of the heat. I really am proud of her.

Did I mention it was windy?
Did I mention it was windy?

Now as for me, I did get my run in today. It was 12 miles exactly (down to the .00) and to be honest, those last 3 or 4 were brutal to me as well. We had a pretty epic storm the night before so a lot of people were without power. There were a lot of trees and I had to cross a couple of busy intersections that had no power. Luckily some people were nice. I didn’t get up as early as I wanted to so I was in the heat, but I got it done. I definitely guzzled water when I got done though.

On another note, something happened this week. I signed up for my first tri. I have almost a year to train and it’s only a sprint (.5 mi swim, 11 mi bike, 3.1 mi run), but still…I’m scared out of my mind!! I can handle the bike and run (of course), but the swim is what got me scared. I’ve never swam seriously. I’ve got a gazillion people who wants to help me out though and I love each of them. At least the race is in the middle of July. The water should be warm. 🙂 Anywho, I guess it’s time for me to tri (ha ha–bad pun) this out.

One last thing before I sign off, I got to have the most fun on Saturday hanging with the doggie brigade. Have I mentioned that I LOVE doggies? My boyfriend and I can’t have dogs at our apartment complex so we tend to get our fix with my parents dogs (and on occasion my sister’s two dogs). One of the dogs used to run with me when he was a puppy and then he grew up and can’t last more than a couple blocks. He still loves to go running though. I have to share pics!!!! Cuz they are SO CUTE!!!! I’m going into girl gushy mode. You can click on the image to view a bigger version. My parent own 4 dogs and my sister and her hubby owns 2. One doggie stayed in the AC house and didn’t want to come out in the pool. Or couldn’t figure out how to get outside through the doggie door. She’s…umm..special.

Theeeennnn today after my run, I got to hang with my mother all day. I got a TON of Gus and Honey Chomps. Maaaybe enough to last me the rest of the training. Ha! It was a nice mother/daughter bonding day.

I believe that’s it for now! Catch you guys later! 🙂
~ CBloss


  1. Sissy… You will do great at your tri! I can’t wait to come and support you for that!!! 😉 && I love how encouraging you are with me and my running! I so appreciate it!! Love you so so much!!!

    1. Awwww 😀 I told you I was really proud and I was. I know you’ll be there for the tri. You’ve always supported me in these silly things I sign myself up for. Thanks for commenting Tink!

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