Marathon Training – Wrap up Week 6 & Week 7 Recap

Week 6 was going sooo smoothly. Until Friday night that is. Tink and I were planning on running on Saturday. Wellllll I learned a valuable lesson:

What spicy foods do to your stomach.

That was a very good lesson to learn. I texted my sister at 2:30 am and told her running was NOT going to happen. She was cool about it. It was supposed to be an 18 miler weekend. We decided to change the running schedule a little bit. We did 10 that weekend and 14 the next. She ran with a friend of hers. I ran after my boyfriend left for work. Yea. Talk about a change in plans.

The following week went well and we got up yesterday to do 14. My boyfriend, poor guy, pulled a double shift and got home about the time we were (supposed to) start. We ended up talking for a bit with him instead. Poor guy had only 8 hrs before his next shift. The weather was in our favor at least and I’m very glad we did it yesterday because today is not looking so hot. The run yesterday in general was not our best. We ran downhill for most of the first half of it. The last half was not so great. My sister was having weird issues that we really can’t even explain now. She was felling very discouraged. We did so well on our 16 miler. Why was it hard at 14 again? I tried to tell her that we all have bad run days. It just happens. Could be because she got up early a lot this week and didn’t get a lot of sleep. Could just be it was a bad day just in general. Hey, it happens. C’est la vie.

Oh well. There’s always next weekend. 🙂 Back to 16!

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