Marathon Training Week #2

Well this week didn’t feel as strong as the first. That’s for sure.

I’m still trying to figure out my boyfriend’s new work schedule (he works late) and we had a couple of powerful storms this week that left a couple quite a few house without power for a couple days. I did, however, work out all the days I needed to. I did NOT get intervals in. I was going to do that Saturday because my sister and I planned on running Sunday. I opted to ride my bike instead and save my energy. It was just calling me more. I don’t get to ride it enough.

Today’s millage was to hit 10 miles. The smoke cleared up by early in the week so we were able to run outside (yay!). It’s just so much easier….well…sort of. The natts were out in numbers. Tink and I got covered. By the end of it, we were both covered in bug guts. It was nasty. I still feel like I can feel bugs crawling on me.

The run itself was pretty weak. It started strong. We tackled all the hills annnnd then we hit mile 5. I think I pushed my sister too hard. She blames herself, but I’m the one who sets the pace. This is what training is for. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Pushing poor Tinky butt doesn’t work. Can’t blame her. I’d crash if someone pushed me for a while. It happens. She will get stronger though. She’s strong when she wants to be. We did the millage though. That’s all that counts.

I’m keeping this entry short. There really wasn’t much to say and my energy is tanking. Might be the froyo sugar crash that I had with a good friend who I was able to catch up with after running.

Darn sugar crashes!

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