Chicken Fried Rice

For those who know me, they know I haven’t done a lot of cooking. I lived with my family until I moved out with my boyfriend. Mom spoiled us rotten. Once I moved out, my boyfriend did the cooking. I do the dishes. I’m an excellent at doing dishes. Well that’s starting the change. Welllll…I still do the dishes, but now, I get to start cooking. Why? Because of my boyfriend’s job schedule. He works the night shifts so I’m left with either attempting to cook or ordering takeout. I’m kind of a health nut so I’d rather not do the later….often.

So thus begins my adventure in cooking. I haven’t burned down the apartment. I smoked it up once and caused my boyfriend’s allergies to hit hard (darn teriyaki chicken), but I haven’t started a fire yet.

This last week was the first week of my boyfriend’s new schedule. I tackled a few recipes and really they didn’t come out super great. Sooo after my boyfriend got home Saturday night, he found a fried rice recipe on Facebook on one of the recipe pages we both follow. I decided to take up the challenge.

And lo-and-be-hold, I MADE IT!! Holy smokes. And it WORKED. It turned out great. Okay. I was super thrilled. I think my co-workers thought it was hilarious because I was so excited. What I found funny is that I ate it while catching up on the reboot of the Sailor Moon anime. Anyone else watching it?

You can find the recipe here at the Recipe Critic:
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