And so it begins – Marathon Training Week #1

At the start - Tink's too fast!! Marathon training week #1
At the start – Tink’s too fast!! Marathon training week #1

So it begins! Marathon training. Woot woot! My sister (aka. Tink or Tinky) and I completed our first of many weeks (I believe 12 in total) of marathon training.

It was only a 9 miler (thank god) because we had to do it on the treadmill. Right now, it’s incredibly smokey outside because of wild fires near us. To be healthy, we opted to do it on the treadmills at my boyfriend and my apartment complex. Soooo Tink turned on the TV and turned it to Criminal Minds and caught up on life. We got through about 2 episodes before we finished. At the end, we were at different millages. I was at 10 and Tink got to 8. She felt a little guilty about not getting that last mile. I told her that she was totally alright because the start increases the millage very slowly. Next week is 10.

To be completely and utterly honest, she did incredibly well. She rarely stopped and managed to push to the next mile. I was surprised how well I did. I absolutely loath treadmills. They are incredibly boring to me. I even watch HBO on the iPad. I’m really quick for a break. I think the only reason why I was able to push was because she was right besides me. I do a lot better when I’m not focusing on myself. I also would like to think that I did well because of all my strength and other training, but I’ll keep dreaming. 😉

On to week #2!



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